Tattoo FAQs

Do you need an appointment? 

Good things are worth waiting for. When you book an appointment at Legend Tattoo for one of the best tattoos in Austin, your artist has time to prepare especially for you. Booking an appointment allows you and your tattoo artist to plan ahead of time for things like tattoo design, tattoo cost and how long it will take for your tattoo to be completed at our Austin tattoo studio.  



How do I make an appointment? 

Give us a call to book a consultation to plan your perfect tattoo or to make an appointment to actually start the tattooing process. We will book your appointment as soon as we can, but that is often dependent on seasonality, tattoo design and artist preference. Whatever you're looking for we will be able to accommodate you! 



Are tattoos expensive? 

Our pricing reflects the size, complexity and color depth used within the tattoo. Tattoo pricing in Austin is done on a per-tattoo basis. Have a budget in mind? We will be happy to work with you to make sure we stick within your budget.



Can minors get tattoos?

Minors cannot get tattoos at Legend Tattoo, but don't worry we will be here on your 18th birthday.



Is tattooing safe?

Tattooing is not always safe. When done in a dirty space or by an untrained artist you not only will end up with a poor result, but the possibility of infection increases tremendously. At Legend Tattoo however, cleanliness and sterilization is of upmost importance to us. We go above and beyond the required sterilization and our artists are up-to-date on the latest hospital-grade sterilization techniques. 


Our artists at Legend Tattoo have over 40 years of combined experience, meaning they also understand the best use of tattooing tools to give you a safe and comfortable tattooing experience every time.



Does tattooing hurt? 

A lot of people compare getting a tattoo to being lightly scratched by a wire brush, while the pain level is often compared to having a mild sunburn. Some areas of your body are more sensitive than others, which will make the 'scratching' feel more intense. Before all tattooing procedures we apply a topical numbing cream to help with any discomfort you may experience during the process. 



What is the tattoo process like?


Do you have a design in mind? Or are you looking for our artists to create something unique? Either way, it's best to set up a consultation. We will collect an $100 deposit at the time of your consultation that will go towards your final tattoo cost. Please set up an in-person consultation, as it is difficult to know if we are on the same page when speaking over the phone or through text/social media. 



Do you do tattoo coverups? 

We do! With all tattoo coverups, there will be limits on what we can change and what you can expect. Our experienced tattoo artists will be able to give you the best tattoo coverup you can find in Austin. Not sure what will work to cover your old tattoo up? No problem - we have tons of experience. We will be able give you the perfect tattoo coverup!



What if I don't like the way my tattoo looks? 

We take great strides to ensure you're happy with the way your tattoo looks. We will confirm after we finish the ink drawing and placement that you want to move forward with the design. We also ask that you be clear if there are things that you love or hate in tattoos - that way we can make sure to give you the best tattoo experience possible. 



Can I bring in my own design? 

Of course! Don't worry though if you're not quite sure what you're looking for. Our artists will be able to create something unique for you. 



What sterilization measures do you take? 

We follow state regulations and guidelines in regards to our sterilization process for our instruments and tattoo shop environment,in fact, we even go above and beyond the standard practices. You can rest assured that at Legend Tattoo you will always have a clean and safe tattooing experience.