Our tattoo artists have years of experience, meaning they've seen a lot of tattoos and have worked with a lot of tattoo styles. This translates to versatility in their work. No matter the tattoo you have in mind, one of our artists will have completed a similar one before, and they will be able to take their experience and bring it to perfect your tattoo. 


You can't touch on versatility without further addressing experience. Our Austin tattoo shop has a combined 40 years of experience. That's A LOT of tattoos. You don't want a tattoo done by a novice, and you won't find any novices here. 


There is always a risk of infection when getting a tattoo, but at Legend Tattoo we actually take our sanitation further than what is required by law. We've seen first hand what an infected tattoo looks like, and we never want any of our clients to experience that. None of our work has ever become infected and we intend on keeping up that track record. 


You won't find any cut and paste tattoos here. Each one of our tattoos is unique, and although you may bring in a photo of what you want the tattoo to look like, you can rest assured your tattoo will look like the photo, but better. We take into account skin type, body type and placement when tattooing so that your outcome fits you perfectly.