What Type of Tattoo Should I Get?

While choosing the best tattoo in Austin is a personal choice there are a couple of traditional tattoo categories that you might want to consider. Many people get a tattoo because it inspires them, reminds them of something, or memorializes a departed loved one.

Of course you can always get a tattoo of a design, shape or object just because you like it, but if you're feeling stuck, consider one of these types. Below we will dive into some of the most popular tattoo styles and categories!

Inspirational Tattoos:

Are you looking for something that you can look at everyday and get inspiration from? Whether it's a quote or an image, a tattoo can bring you inspiration on the regular. These types of tattoos can also serve as a reminder for your future.

Remembrance Tattoos:

If you've faced a hardship in your life or a moment of true happiness, you can be reminded of it always with a tattoo. Tattoos to remind you of a past illness, your marriage or the birth of child all serve as a reminder of some of life's greatest and most impactful moments.

Memorial Tattoos:

It's unfortunate, but in our life we will be faced with the death of a love one. Many clients choose to memorialize their loved one with a tattoo of their likeness, or something that was special to them. Whether is a black and grey tattoo of their face, or a Japanese style tattoo of their favorite flower, a memorial tattoo will ensure you never forget that person.

Not all tattoos will fit in the above categories, but if you're wanting to get a tattoo but don't know where to start, one of the above choices might be the best place to start brainstorming. Don't forget, we also have a blog post if you're looking for the best placement for your tattoo.

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