Choosing the Best Tattoo Parlor in Austin

There are a lot of tattoo places in Austin, there are even a lot of piercing places in Austin, but the best tattoo parlors in Austin and the best tattoo places in Austin all have the same things in common:

  • High Quality Artists

  • Hight Quality Instruments

  • High Quality Sanitation

Generally speaking, 'high quality' things take time and money.

Why Fast Isn't Alway Best

Keep in mind that quality can cost when you're looking for the best tattoo place in Austin or one of the top tattoo artists in Austin. If someone is promising cheap and fast work, you might want to give it a second thought, after all, the goal of a tattoo is to keep it forever and there is no need to rush that type of work. That being said, the length of time a tattoo will take depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

For example, our in-house artist Jevon is he best script tattoo artist in Austin. Because of his experience and the simplicity of many script tattoo designs, the tattoo session might not be as long as you might think. However, Patrick, the owner of Legend Tattoo is a well-known Japanese tattoo artist in Austin. The complexity of Japanese style tattoos requires more time (and therefore more money) to ensure it's perfection.

Although the particular artist you choose can have some effect on the length of time of your tattoo session, what it really comes down to is time. That's why if you're going for a small tattoo in Austin, it will be cheaper that a large biomechanical tattoo session.

Time is Money

Many people charge by the hour, while some charge because of their years of experience and knowledge. When you're looking at tattoo places in Austin you want to look for someone who charges for both. Not only should the best tattoo artists in Austin charge for the time it takes to complete the tattoo, but they should also be charging for their artistry and experience. You don't want a tattoo artist that is just starting out and practicing just because it's cheaper.

However, you don't want to be ripped off and charged too much for a tattoo. How do you know if the cost is too much? Ask your friends, look at reviews online for the best tattoo parlor in Austin or the best tattoo artist in Austin. Although many review sites charge for reviews in one way or another, Google reviews are a great, unbiased view at the top tattoo artists in Austin.

Questions? Did you know that we're happy to speak to you at anytime about your tattoo questions. Feel free to call ahead or just drop in to see why we're the best tattoo place in Austin.

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