How to Prevent Tattoos from Fading

Tattoo Fading

We hear from our parents, doctors and the media that sunscreen is essential. Not only does it help protect us from skin cancers and sun damage, but it can also keep your austin tattoo looking fresh and new. The sun ages and damages skin, so of course the sun will age and fade a tattoo.

Sun can have all of the following effects on skin:

  • Sun is the main cause of skin cancer

  • Sun exposure can cause freckles and discoloration of the skin

  • Too much sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin

Sun can have all of the following effects on a tattoo:

  • Fading of a tattoo from the sun

  • Discoloration of a tattoo from the sun

  • Premature aging of a tattoo from the sun

Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent all of this happening to both your skin and tattoos - SUNSCREEN.

What Type of Sunscreen is the Best for Tattoos?

Don't be fooled by some marketing tactics that there are special sunscreens just for tattoos. These 'special' sunscreens are no better at protecting your tattoo from the sun than a normal, quality sunscreen that you would look for to protect your skin.

You want to ensure you're choosing a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides both UV-A and UV-B protection. This will ensure that you have the fullest protection from the sun, for both your skin and your tattoo.

Application of Sunscreen for Tattoos

Let's be honest, there are a lot of sunscreen best practices that we don't alway follow because they aren't super convenient. However, when you're looking to preserve the life of your tattoo, you will want to be sure to follow these rules:

  • Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure

  • Reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes that you are outside

  • If you're going swimming, take note that the water does not protect you from the sun. It actually reflects the sun back onto your skin.

Always make sure to follow your best tattoo artist in austin's aftercare instructions, especially when it comes to sun exposure. You definitely want to give your skin time to heal before throwing it out into the sun. Just make sure that when it is acceptable to hangout in the sun, that you follow the above best practices for sunscreen and tattoos.

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