What to Look For In an Austin Tattoo Shop

Austin Tattoo Artists

As one of America's most popular cities, there's no lack of anything in this town - and that includes tattoo shops! Like with any industry, the largest tattoo shop isn't always the best, the shop with prime location doesn't necessarily produce the most unique tattoos and the parlor that specializes in everything can't really specialize in anything.

For a newcomer looking to get some fresh ink, all these choices and options can become confusing. How does one choose the best Austin Tattoo Shop? Take a look at some of our favorite tips below.

1. Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

As consumers we tend to head straight to Google to find the answers to all of our questions. This is fine because more and more tattoo shops are creating websites, however, artists typically have photos of their work in a slew of additional places. Other websites you might consider looking at are: Google My Business, Instagram and Facebook. You'll also want to spend the time not only looking at the shop's social media, but the individual artists's profiles as well. This ensures you're seeing all the Austin tattoo artist's work and not just a few sample photos.

2. Talk to the Austin Tattoo Shop or Austin Tattoo Artist

Some tattoo artists don't mind talking via text or email, while others prefer to speak in person at a consultation. If you're planning on keeping the tattoo on your body your entire life (as most people are) take the time to talk to the person doing it. You're free to speak to as many tattoo artists as you would like before settling on the one that will actually do your tattoo. Many tattoo artists won't charge for you to swing by and quickly chat, but call to make sure they're available before you show up. Before you even go to visit in person, spend time communicating online to ensure you are both on the same page.

3. Check on Health and Sanitation Records

You can find anything on the internet, and that includes reports of dirty shops and artists that are not following standard sterilization practices. As important as the coloring and shading of your tattoo is, it's even more important that you don't leave the tattoo shop with an infection. If you do your due diligence and speak to a few artists in person, take a minute to look around the shop and make sure they're following those cleaning and sterilization best practices. If you see anything suspicious, it's best to move on to the next shop.

Hopefully the above tips provided some food for thought as you're choosing the tattoo shop or tattoo artist for your next piece. Don't forget that Legend Tattoo has consistently been voted as one of Austin's Best Tattoo Shops. We have plenty of examples of our work, are available for consultations and ALWAYS follow health and sanitation procedures. Give us a call today to talk about your dream tattoo!

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