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You've finally chosen the perfect Austin tattoo design, now you need to decide where to place it on your body. Before making this decision, ask yourself these questions:

How visible do you want it to be?

Does your job allow you to have visible tattoos?

What size is your tattoo design? Can it only fit on certain areas of your body?

Visually, some tattoos look better on particular areas of the body. Often females place tattoos on their ribs or feet, while males go for the shoulder or back. Of course, once choosing a placement for your tattoo and begin the process, it is hard to revert the process. That's why we often recommend clients to try a temporary tattoo of their favorite design before coming to us.

Of course there is no 'wrong' place for a tattoo, but here are some things to consider.

Tattoos on Ribs in Austin:

Ribs are often chosen as the spot for a female client's first tattoo. It is a inconspicuous place where your Texas tattoo will only be seen on beach days. However, the rib area tends to be a more sensitive tattoo location, as it is right on top of bones. If you're looking for a less painful tattoo, choose a place that has a little fat underneath the skin.

Tattoos on Feet in Austin:

Another great place to choose for an inconspicuous tattoo in Austin, feet are great for small and delicate tattoos. You can choose your ankle, toes, top or bottom of feet for your tattoo, with the toe area being the least sensitive and the bottom of your foot being the most sensitive. Foot tattoos are very popular among females who are looking to dip their toes into the tattoo waters.

Tattoos on Shoulders in Austin:

Male clients often choose the shoulder placement for their initial tattoo. It allows for fairly big tattoo, but one that can still be covered by a shirt for more professional settings. Shoulder tattoos are very manageable, with clients comparing the tattooing process to a light scratching.

Tattoos on Back in Austin:

This area of our bodies allows for the largest and most extravagant tattoos. You could choose to do one giant tattoo, or many small ones, similar to a tattoo sleeve. Similarly to the shoulder, the back can be covered by your shirt, and it is not a super-sensitive area.

When choosing your tattoo's placement keep the tattoo's healing process in mind. Tattoos in between fingers, toes or hands tend to fade the fastest, so your tattoo must be touched up frequently. As you're planning your perfect tattoo, feel free to talk to our artists at Legend Tattoo with any questions you may have.

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