Tattoo Care 101

To ensure the longevity and brightness of your tattoo, you will want to ensure that you follow your tattoo aftercare instructions to the tee. The first week after you've received your new tattoo is the most important time when determining how long your tattoo will last at its current quality level.

If you don't properly take care of your tattoo during this stage, it can lead to premature fading and spreading and it may require you to have several avoidable touch-up appointments. Let's go through some first week post-care instructions below:

1. Washing Your Tattoo

When you leave Legend Tattoo, your Austin tattoo artist will have covered your tattoo in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and wrapped it up. After 24 hours, it will be your responsibility to take over the aftercare. This starts with washing your tattoo with antimicrobial soap 24 hours after your tattooing procedure. This is essential to prevent infections and preserve your health and the health of your tattoo. After you wash your tattoo, pat it dry (no rubbing!). This will prevent any premature exfoliation and irritation.

2. Applying Ointment

Now that your tattoo is nice and clean, apply the antibacterial ointment that your tattoo artist has provided or recommended that you purchase. This will keep your tattoo nice and clean to continue to prevent infections and nasty side affects.

3. Continue to Wash

Washing your tattoo isn't a one and done thing. During the first week, you will want to wash it with your antimicrobial soap several times a day. Every time you wash it, pat it dry, and then reapply your ointment. You will get to know this process like the back of your hand.

Other Things to Pay Attention To

Besides the routine above, there are some other things you will want to keep in mind not only the first week of tattoo ownership, but actually the first couple of weeks.

- Don't wear clothing that will stick to the tattoo and pull on the skin

- Avoid both swimming and excessive sunshine to prevent tattoo fading

- Take cool showers. They don't have to be cold, just make sure they're not scalding hot.

- Your tattoo will scab and that's normal. Just make sure not to pick or scratch it. If you do, you risk messing up the very tattoo you just paid for!

Now that your tattoo is nice and healed, just enjoy it! If you have any questions during the life of your tattoo the best tattoo artists in Austin at Legend Tattoo are only a phone call or a quick visit away.

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